Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Little Star in the Sky

Last week was the week of food. Everyday one of my coworkers brought by a plethora of food. Lasagna, fried chicken, roast, BBQ....desserts galore. It was truly appreciated. All of this has kept Tyler fed, and I can't say thank you enough for that. I have bits and pieces of food, enough to keep me going, but I am having a hard time eating much of substance. No appetite to speak of.

Last week also brought by some friends who had something special for Tyler and I. One of my coworkers had thought to have a star named after Sophia and gave us the certificate and coordinates to go with it. As she was telling our students about her idea, they started taking money out of their pockets to help donate for it. I am so touched. Seriously, my kids might be a pain in the butt half the time, but I love them dearly. I know they love me and miss me and they want to honor Sophia so much. Thank you for that.

The girls also brought by a packet of donations from my Association, PTO, my coworkers and teachers from other buildings in the District to help with bills and anything else we might need. To say we have been completely overwhelmed doesn't even begin to touch it. We truly do have very caring friends and colleagues and that means the world to us. Thank you.


Britt said...

Isn't it great to receive such an outpouring of love! I am so glad you have such a great support system! [[[HUGS]]]

Marisa said...

(((big hugs)))