Wednesday, September 30, 2009

24 hours of no vomiting

I made it! 24 hours of no puking. This time yesterday I had just gotten back from the Dr.'s office where I had been rushed in. Around noon I took a dose of Darvocet that didn't make me feel so good. It wasn't cutting down the pain and I was feeling really badly. I tried to take a nap and got up around 2pm only to have a date with the bathroom. I hate puking. I hadn't eaten hardly anything at all, so it made it even worse. It got so bad I called the Nurse and she said to try to take a teaspoon of water every 15 minutes while she talked to the NP. I couldn't even handle that.

They told me to come in right away. I had called Tyler to come home and called again to stress I needed him home. Nurse L called back and I had to put the phone down at one point. She felt horrible and I felt worse. We finally got to the Office where I promptly christened their trashcan as well (I had been directly escorted to a room) and then got a nice shot in the butt to make me stop throwing up. It worked. Thank God!

They checked my ovaries to make sure I didn't have any punctures that were causing bleeding and everything came back good. I think it was just a horrible reaction to the pain meds. So Ibuprophen it is now. No more incidents today and feeling much better. Ah...the rollercoaster of IF...

Little Energizer Bunnies they are...

14 are still growing!! This means we are doing a 5 day transfer on Saturday. I get my time tomorrow afternoon sometime. Some deats:

14 still growing

all top quality rating

12 are at 4-cell

2 are still at 2-cell

I honestly couldn't be happier :) Ok, well maybe if I were pregnant too :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fert Report In!

The lab had me going this morning. Usually they call really early and I didn't get word until late this morning. I was worried it would be bad news... but...

18 were actually retrieved

16 were able to be ICSI'd

14 were fertilized!!!!!

I truly cannot believe this. I made the embryologist tell me again and then I had to say it back to her. Holy Cow! I am pretty sure we are looking at Day 5. DH was funny when I called him. He said "Man, I really brought my super boys yesterday." Too cute! Thank you for all the good thoughts. They are working!

Monday, September 28, 2009

ER was this morning.

We got 17!!! I think this is the highest number yet. Very excited about the possibilities. Just took my second dose of pain meds and they are already wiping me out again. Back to sleep I go!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Trigger day!

Tonight we go to a Concert and in the parking lot, I get to receive 2 shots of Ovidrel!!! Woohoo!! :)

I had to do shots at the Cards game last week, so it is all good. I am just embracing my junky status. Nurse T called today. Estradiol was 2463 yesterday. We are a go for tonight. ER is 8am est Monday. Hoping for good things here :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 8 Stim Check

Back in the Office at 7am for me this morning. Eaaaaarly! Everything went well. 19+ of good size measurable. It seems less than previous times. Nurse T is calling tomorrow with the ER time for Monday. I trigger tomorrow night (at a concert! Yay me!) and then we head over to the Land of the ER (2 hrs from home) on Sunday night. I forgot to ask what my estradiol was yesterday and will ask when Nurse T calls tomorrow. It's almost time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 6 Stim Check :)

I knew I felt a lot going on in the ole Ute. Atleast 17 follies and 9+ were measurable. I am SOOO happy! Looks like I am ahead of schedule and looking to be responding like a super star. Estradiol was over 1000 and I go back in Friday morning.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hot flashes, How do I love thee?

Today in class it was one hot flash after the other and a wonky left eye that brought out the glasses for the first time this year. My kids thought I was falling apart. Sweat rolling and their teacher in glasses. Oh my! :)
Nothing throws off a 12 year old like changing up how the Teacher looks :)