Wednesday, September 30, 2009

24 hours of no vomiting

I made it! 24 hours of no puking. This time yesterday I had just gotten back from the Dr.'s office where I had been rushed in. Around noon I took a dose of Darvocet that didn't make me feel so good. It wasn't cutting down the pain and I was feeling really badly. I tried to take a nap and got up around 2pm only to have a date with the bathroom. I hate puking. I hadn't eaten hardly anything at all, so it made it even worse. It got so bad I called the Nurse and she said to try to take a teaspoon of water every 15 minutes while she talked to the NP. I couldn't even handle that.

They told me to come in right away. I had called Tyler to come home and called again to stress I needed him home. Nurse L called back and I had to put the phone down at one point. She felt horrible and I felt worse. We finally got to the Office where I promptly christened their trashcan as well (I had been directly escorted to a room) and then got a nice shot in the butt to make me stop throwing up. It worked. Thank God!

They checked my ovaries to make sure I didn't have any punctures that were causing bleeding and everything came back good. I think it was just a horrible reaction to the pain meds. So Ibuprophen it is now. No more incidents today and feeling much better. Ah...the rollercoaster of IF...

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