Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fert Report In!

The lab had me going this morning. Usually they call really early and I didn't get word until late this morning. I was worried it would be bad news... but...

18 were actually retrieved

16 were able to be ICSI'd

14 were fertilized!!!!!

I truly cannot believe this. I made the embryologist tell me again and then I had to say it back to her. Holy Cow! I am pretty sure we are looking at Day 5. DH was funny when I called him. He said "Man, I really brought my super boys yesterday." Too cute! Thank you for all the good thoughts. They are working!


LilBear said...

FOURTEEN!?! That is amazing! I bet it's going to be hard to pick out 14 names! OK, OK, just take it one (or 2?) at a time. Fingers crossed for ya!

mommaruth said...

YAY!!! 14 amazing little blessings :)