Saturday, July 26, 2008

2 little bugs... hopefully snug as a rug

It has happened. The transfer went so well. This morning we woke up and got ready. We went down to the lobby of the hotel and had a little breakfast. Ty had to finish mine because my stomach was doing flips. I chugged down as much Propel as possible. I was told pre-op that I needed to have a full bladder for the transfer, so I complied only to be told later that I need to slow down. Overachiever again :) We laughed as we ate our breakfast at the crazy old Nascar fans that couldn't figure out how to work the waffle maker. It helped to lighten the mood. To be honest, Ty and I couldn't stop grinning at each other.

After we finished, we headed over to the Hospital. I didn't get a chance to comment before, but this place was beautiful. I told Ty that I wanted to deliver here, and he said no way as it was 2 hours away from home, but it is so nice. So not like a Hospital. Very relaxing and boutique-like. As we were walking in, I was complimenting Tyler on his soothing ways and he decided he should take this up as a job. Taking hormonal women to their Embryo Transfers. I think a nurse leaving heard us and got very confused at our conversation.

We went up to the surgical floor and had to call back to get in. The reception area was completely empty with it being the weekend. Our nurse came and got us and brought us right back. I changed and started to feel the Valium do its work. I was relaxing. We watched a little SportCenter and then headed back to the Transfer Room.

The transfer room had relaxing music on and low lighting. I hopped up on the bed like a champ and Dr. J let us know that the embryologist didn't like our embryos, she LOVED them :) Very good news. The 2 best were chosen and we were told 4 would be frozen in a few days. I was very happy to hear that.

As Dr. J got ready, Tyler stroked my hair and we held hands as we both watched the screen and before we knew it, 2 embryos were in my womb. I cried as we were left on our own for minutes and we kissed and hugged, knowing our dream was possible now. We were led back to our room and then were ready to go.

The pain was less than the after effects of the retrieval. I am still a bit crampy and way paranoid. The nurse assured me that the embryos would not fall out, which was a nice reassurance. All in all, the experience was a very good one. I am still pretty weak, but what person isn't after surgery and then another procedure 2 days later.

I am having a hard time knowing how to feel. Right now, I feel as though I have two babies snuggling into their home. It is almost impossible not to feel this way. I know realistically that nothing is for sure right now. Our beta is in August and until then, I have to wait. It will be hard, but until then, I have my picture of my lil ones to keep me going. Love to you all!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 wonderful fortunes

Last night Ty spoiled me with a plethora of Chinese food, so fortune cookies were a must. Last night, Tyler had a fortune that read:

Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformation.

This morning we woke up to 6 embies growing, waiting to become our lil ones. I couldn't ask for a better transformation than that. This afternoon, I opened the last cookie and it read:

Hope is the most precious treasure to a person.

This is so true for us today. I am so hopeful of having a successful Transfer on Saturday. Ty is so hopeful of having a healthy wife with 1 healthy embie snuggling in (or two :) ) Hope is a good word for us now.

Fert Report

I just got the call from the Lab. My cell phone was sitting right next to me. I carried it wherever I went this morning. In fact, I have been up since Ty went to work, because I was so nervous. So here are the details:

16 eggs from ER
11 of those eggs were mature
6 of those eggs fertilized
1 or more could catch up to be with the other 6 by Saturday

So I am thinking we have a 50+% fert rate, which I see as a good thing! I so want this to happen!
I am truly sore this morning. I have been taking my pain meds when it gets to be too much. It has been knocking me out, but I have felt better when I take them. I should get a call this afternoon when our ET will be. For now, it is resting time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I made it! ER was a success!

Today we have 16 eggs in the lab awaiting their partners. Let's hope for a good fert report tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Lab on Discovery Health= Fear

Yowzers. Less than 24 hours to go before ER. I am watching The Baby Lab and it is all about IVF today. I am trying not to watch the ER procedure, but my goodness, it just sucks you in. No pun intended. Ok, maybe just a little. I am hoping to see a ton of eggs tomorrow. I have more than 20 chances. Ugh, I need this to be over!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally... I'm an Over Achiever!

I went in this morning for my 3rd stim check, and boy, did I ever stim. I have over 20 follies at 14 or more, with just as many small ones. This has made it quite uncomfortable and I seem to think I look quite preggo because of it, but everything is all good. OHSS is on my mind. I am not wanting to make an ED pit stop before my ER.

Saturday I took the 2+1 of the Bravelle/Follistim combo. Sunday and today, I took 225 of Follistim. I am of the thinking that I respond very well to the high dose of Follistim. I could really feel the pressure starting Sunday midday and I am truly feeling each and every follie today.

Tomorrow is Pre-Op day in the morning. I trigger tonight and then we are off tomorrow afternoon to the city of the ER and I will then be back for the ET Saturday.

BTW, the Follistim pen was a no brainer! Easy-peasy on its own!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fear of the Follistim Pen

Conquered! This morning I ran out of Bravelle with our extended stimming, so we switched over to all Follistim in the AM. Normally, I got the pen ready while Ty did the mixing of the Bravelle and then I added the Follistim to the vial before injection. So I had not had the pen injected into me. I had big fears because I saw how the pen shot the medicine in with hyper-speed. But this morning it went well and I even had to do 2 injections because we were finishing one cartridge! Yay for me! Tomorrow brings Stim Check #3. Hopefully ER will be Wednesday!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Disappointing Stim Check #2

Well I am back from stim check #2. My follies are not big enough yet. Ty keeps saying this is ok, better to go slow and big then get too big too fast. I agree, but I am disappointed. I wanted this to all happen on Monday. I should get a call later this morning about what my meds should be and when I should be going back to the office for another check. Back to injections.... yay :/

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Show and Tell

I have been meaning to post about this since we started Lupron, but my lil hubby found the perfect sharps container for us. It is an old Mirace Grow Container.

Ty said this would be the perfect container. It is thick, with a lid and what could be better than being labeled with "Miracle Grow". He has to be the sweetest thing ever :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stim Check #1

My NP called around lunch time to let me know my RE is very pleased with how things are going. I have many, many follies and my estrogen is 175, which I am told is excellent. I go back Friday for the next check. So exciting!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Holy Horomones

This has been quite the ride, but I feel like I am doing ok with it. I have been taking the shots like a trooper and I have my first u/s to monitor tomorrow. My feelings have been all over the place. I have had my breakdowns, one about having to get shots, and one for not being able to make this baby ourselves. I am having a hard time with not making love to make this child. I am better with it now, but it was definitely a moment of mourning. The dream gone by the wayside and handed over to science.

So we are in the home stretch. It sounds like depending on how tomorrow and later this week goes, we could be in the surgery room as early as this weekend. I am so excited to actually have a chance to conceive this month. We actually have a good chance. I will keep you updated!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Update

I started Lupron Sunday and the shots have been going well. I was way worked up about them before it happened, but Ty did such a great job. He really is a rock. He goes into this mode where he just makes things happen, no matter how freaked out he would be if it were under different circumstances. I love him! :)

This week also brought major meds. drama. I went to pick up my Menopur from the pharmacy and they wanted almost $700. My prescription benefits are maxed out. I was freaking out, as this is a huge chunk of change, much more than the $90 I was told earlier. So... I called the Insurance and then the Dr's Office and we did some switching around. I saved $100. Not much, but we will take it.

When I went to pick up the new med, Follistem, the guy behind the counter gave me my bag and told me the total was $29.95. I asked if I could look in the bag and I did, only to find a box of needles..... I told him I needed the medication to go with the needles because they wouldn't do any good without something to go in them...

Ok, so I didn't quite say this, but I told him I needed my medication too. He looked puzzled and finally got it. Then before he would give it to me, He said" But it will be $5xx.xx?" I said well, I don't really have a choice unless you are going to give me a discount. I'll take it". It just amazes me how some people can be so dense. Like you have a choice when you need the meds.

So that is my week in a nutshell. Bruises on the belly, itchies after the injection and lots of ove from the big guy.