Thursday, August 23, 2012

One heartbeat...two heartbeats.

Soooo....we have dos amigos! It's twins. Baby A had a hb of 150 and Baby B was at 117. :) We have taken the past week to get used to the idea. We are both thrilled with the news. Much work to be done, but for right now, we have healthy babies. I go back in for my next u/s on 9/4. Til then... one day at a time. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

I have been keeping a secret...

If you know me outside of my blog, please don't let this out. We are being very quiet about this until we can figure out how to handle being pregnant again. Thanks :)

It appears as though IVF #7 has worked.  I am pregnant. :) The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough. It started after our ER. I got bloated pretty bad, but by about our ET, I was feeling better and by the weekend, things were back to normal. Monday morning, I woke up and was feeling back to bloated and I was really queasy. Curious.... Tuesday it was worse.... and this was while I was in training at School.  Wednesday I started having a hard time breathing because of the bloat, and by Thursday, I had fullblown OHSS. In fact, I was feeling so bloated, I knew at that point that if I took a test it would come up positive....and it did. 3weeks4days and I knew :)

Thursday also meant that I called my RE to talk about OHSS. The pain was incredible. My stomach was so tight and I was just miserable. They got me all set up for testing Friday morning, which was to be my Beta Day. I ended up sleeping in the recliner and made it through the night, but not without thinking I might end up in the Emergency Room. 

Friday morning, I set out for the Clinic. At 11, I had my blood drawn and by noon I had had an u/s to check fluid levels and another blood draw. They had me set up in a recliner in the office. I was going to have to be drained.... Off to the hospital I went.

7 hours after heading out for a quick blood draw, I got back home. I had 2 IV bags of fluid. I had 850ml drained from my stomach and I felt so much better. Tyler came with me and I think I about squeezed his hand off during the procedure. We also found out that our beta came back at 134 at 9dp3dt, which is a very strong number.

We have since had 3 more betas and all is looking very good. We go in for our ultrasound on the 15th. Until then.... one day at a time.