Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Year Gone

Today marks 2 years since we said goodbye to Sophia. I have been struggling to find profound words to how my life has turned out, but strangely, I am feeling quiet.

Her weeping redbud has bloomed and greeted us back from a trip with great beauty. My school staff was able to raise $150 on Jeans for a Cause day that was donated to March of Dimes in her honor.

I am trying. I am trying with all my might to make it through. Today is Tyler's birthday, too, and I am concentrating on making him as happy as I can. It is what I have to do to get through. So here comes good food, good drinks and good friends.

If I can't have my baby home, I will try to live happy in her honor. Thanks for checking in. We're still kicking.