Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stim Check #1

My NP called around lunch time to let me know my RE is very pleased with how things are going. I have many, many follies and my estrogen is 175, which I am told is excellent. I go back Friday for the next check. So exciting!

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LilBear said...

Hang in there, girl! You are in the home stretch. I am treatment day 3, loving the 3 shots a day. Today I was working in my classroom and I stapled my finger and I said "Damn! That's a totally wasted puncture! That makes 3 shots, one blood test, and an unnecessary staple puncture in one day!" My estrogen came back a-ok, I go for my first monitoring ultrasound Friday.

I'm with you, sometimes it is hard to believe this is really happening, that the story of "How I Was Made" is NOT going to be so simple for this potential kiddo. Are you going to tell your child how this all went down? And if so, when do you bring it up?

I'm really doing ok with the shots so far, but I am not looking forward to the Progesterone shots. That needle is too big and I had to have those shots when we did IUI and let me tell you it was NOT HOT. Also my DH is not doing them for me, the school nurse who I am friends with is. I am not sure if that makes it worse or better. :)

Anyway, hang in there and keep me posted. My fingers are crossed for ya.
-Florida Lindsay