Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Update

I started Lupron Sunday and the shots have been going well. I was way worked up about them before it happened, but Ty did such a great job. He really is a rock. He goes into this mode where he just makes things happen, no matter how freaked out he would be if it were under different circumstances. I love him! :)

This week also brought major meds. drama. I went to pick up my Menopur from the pharmacy and they wanted almost $700. My prescription benefits are maxed out. I was freaking out, as this is a huge chunk of change, much more than the $90 I was told earlier. So... I called the Insurance and then the Dr's Office and we did some switching around. I saved $100. Not much, but we will take it.

When I went to pick up the new med, Follistem, the guy behind the counter gave me my bag and told me the total was $29.95. I asked if I could look in the bag and I did, only to find a box of needles..... I told him I needed the medication to go with the needles because they wouldn't do any good without something to go in them...

Ok, so I didn't quite say this, but I told him I needed my medication too. He looked puzzled and finally got it. Then before he would give it to me, He said" But it will be $5xx.xx?" I said well, I don't really have a choice unless you are going to give me a discount. I'll take it". It just amazes me how some people can be so dense. Like you have a choice when you need the meds.

So that is my week in a nutshell. Bruises on the belly, itchies after the injection and lots of ove from the big guy.

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