Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Accupuncture....nah, I will just go to the Spa!

So I came up with my own relaxation plan after coming to the conclusion that acupuncture is right in line with the massage therapist I saw before the wedding. I just can't deal with the whole Mother Earth type thing. I know some people are truly into that, and that is wonderful that they find solace in Mother Earth, but I do not, not like that.

I called 2 places yesterday... one immediately told me she would treat my kidneys because they are the Mother of the Meridian... Ok.... um, I will be in touch.... She wanted me to come in 4 times a week for 3 months are $50 a pop. Um, no thanks!

The second place I called refused to give me a quote on a per session package. She said that had 24 sessions and it was a combo price of $500.... um again, no thanks!

So I did what any other girl who just needed a little relaxation would do.... I called the spa! I booked a facial for the Wednesday before my Monday ER and I booked a spa mani/pedi for the Wednesday in between the ER and ET. I am so excited and it is so much cheaper. I could do this quite a few times and still be ahead.

Again, I know there are many out there who find relaxation in the acupuncture and massage worlds... I am just not one of them. Facials are my limit :)

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