Friday, June 13, 2008

They were everywhere...

Pregnant women, that is. Ty and I went out for our 4 year anniversary dinner and had a great time. We were enjoying our drinks and appetizers when all of the sudden I heard "I just popped this week! It is the first time I am really showing!" I cringed as I looked to my left. There stood a beautiful, glowing couple greatly preggo and proud of it surrounded by proud parents on both sides. They were seated at the table next to us. The new daddy-to-be got a gift from his father for father's day. The mother-to-be was beaming. I thought good for them.... until about 20 minutes later and they were still carrying on. I couldn't take anymore.

It was just so hard. I didn't shed any tears but Ty knew I was going down and in a hurry. He was wonderful comforting me in his ways, as I proclaimed God hates me over and over. And then I looked up and saw more preggos. It was like a preggo convention. We then decided that chocolate was in order. When the waitress came back, we asked for the desert menu and decided on a lovely chocolate torte. She came back out with both the chocolatey goodness and 2 chocolate-covered strawberries. It was divine and it made me happy. It made us happy.

On the day when I didn't want to focus on our IF, it was right in our faces all night. It just makes me realize it will always be there, I just need to deal.

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