Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good News! For once in this journey...

Right when we thought the other shoe was going to fall, Ty and I were given the green light for IVF. We are so excited. I broke down when Dr. J gave us the good new. Apparently the high level that came back was not high at all and it wasn't even a concern. You could feel the huge sigh Ty and I both took as he told us we were a go.

After that, all was a breeze. I asked about 2 dozen questions all with easy answers and then I asked about counseling and accupuncture. He recommended both, especially as I was asking him about counseling, tears were running down my face. I have just been so emotional. My self esteem has been low with all of this and I could just really use someone to talk to.

As of now, we go back Friday for a shots class and then start injections Sunday. Yikes! This is really happening, folks!

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LanY said...

Oh thank goodness. I am happy to hear your good news and hope this IVF cycle brings you even better news!