Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fert Report

I just got the call from the Lab. My cell phone was sitting right next to me. I carried it wherever I went this morning. In fact, I have been up since Ty went to work, because I was so nervous. So here are the details:

16 eggs from ER
11 of those eggs were mature
6 of those eggs fertilized
1 or more could catch up to be with the other 6 by Saturday

So I am thinking we have a 50+% fert rate, which I see as a good thing! I so want this to happen!
I am truly sore this morning. I have been taking my pain meds when it gets to be too much. It has been knocking me out, but I have felt better when I take them. I should get a call this afternoon when our ET will be. For now, it is resting time.

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vgrid said...

So Ty's at work and your are at home; "holding down the fert"