Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally... I'm an Over Achiever!

I went in this morning for my 3rd stim check, and boy, did I ever stim. I have over 20 follies at 14 or more, with just as many small ones. This has made it quite uncomfortable and I seem to think I look quite preggo because of it, but everything is all good. OHSS is on my mind. I am not wanting to make an ED pit stop before my ER.

Saturday I took the 2+1 of the Bravelle/Follistim combo. Sunday and today, I took 225 of Follistim. I am of the thinking that I respond very well to the high dose of Follistim. I could really feel the pressure starting Sunday midday and I am truly feeling each and every follie today.

Tomorrow is Pre-Op day in the morning. I trigger tonight and then we are off tomorrow afternoon to the city of the ER and I will then be back for the ET Saturday.

BTW, the Follistim pen was a no brainer! Easy-peasy on its own!

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LilBear said...

You go girl!!! Fingers crossed for you!
FL Linds