Saturday, May 1, 2010

A new look...another year

Yesterday I decided that I couldn't stand the look of my blog anymore and I needed to find a new template. After hours of looking for something free and right, I settled on this one. It is the first day of May and with that brings the 3 year anniversary of trying for a child. 3 whole years have been filled with negatives, hundreds of shots, thousands of pills. But I shouldn't say 3 whole years. 7 months of that were the happiest of my life and were filled with absolute bliss expecting Sophia. And 4 of those weeks have been the worst of my life. 

The picture of Sophia's name at the beach was taken by a friend from one of the websites I am on while she was vacationing in Aruba. I didn't know she was going to do this and it meant a lot to see the pictures pop up on the Board. The Beach has always been my very favorite place on Earth and it gives me a little peace to see her name written in the sand. Thanks, L!


Lara + Chris said...

You are so very welcome. :)

kim said...

That is beautiful.