Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WooHoo! No Strike 3!

Yesterday I had my HSG done at about 4:15. It was definitely not as bad as I had thought it would be after reading some pretty bad reviews on TTTC. There was absolute discomfort during it, but only for a short time, and the best thing is, my tubes are clear. Dr. F called them beautiful. Only an IF gal would be so proud. :)

I really thought we might get strike 3 here. It is hard not to think of MFI and PCOS as 2 strikes against us. I try to be positive, but my hubby is definitely the positive rock through all of this. He waited for me in the waiting room and did a stellar job. I even went grocery shopping afterwards and did just fine.

Now we wait for the SA #2 test and results and then make an appointment to make a game plan from there. I am hoping IUI but I am all over IVF and reading up on it. I think that is how we will have to go.

The new IF book by Cindy Margolis was pretty informative. It gave a real-life look at the procedure and opened my eyes to quite a few things. I recommend it if you have a chance to read it.

Things are slowing down on our end. I just started Metformin last night and I am already not feeling well on it. I think it is just something I will get used to. Now on to Tuesday...

Happy Earth Day!

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