Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 DPO progesterone test results...

The nurse called today with my Prog. results. She said they were at 8.3. She explained that they like to see numbers higher than this for a "good" ovulation to have taken place. They like to see higher than 10.

She then explained that even though my numbers looked down, it still looked like I most likely ovulated, which is good, and if it were a treatment month, I would be given a supplement to help ensure a safe pregnancy, should that occur.

I am trying to feel positive. I keep telling myself the numbers could be worse, and maybe I just ovulate later, which would lead to lower number at day 22. We will see.

Next is waiting for hubby's SA results and then scheduling my u/s. This is an interesting road we are on, but an anxious one at that.

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