Monday, April 7, 2008

Having the Labs drawn

Today I got into my car and checked my messages. I had a message from the Nurse at Reproductive Medicine saying she had me down for my Progesterone tests today and asking if I had this done yet. I called her, letting her know I was on my way to the office and getting my tests done.

So I got to the office, checked in, and was called back after a short wait. The nurse at my regular office, pulled me in and as I was walking with her, she told me she had some potentially confusing questions. I was like.. Okkkk. They asked if I was having surgery. Apparently my Dr. had ordered blood typing done and that is usually done with surgical patients. It was a big mass of confusion.

After we got that all squared away, they took my blood and I ended up getting the blood type checked, progesterone, Ruebella screening (I think) and the CF screening. Hubby and I decided it was best to know if I am a carrier before we are in any deeper.

Today I learned 2 things:
1. My Reproductive Med Office is on the ball with my testing schedule *sigh of relief*
2. Family Practice Nurses are not used to us lil IF girls coming in for blood tests.

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