Sunday, April 6, 2008

Start of a Journey: What do you mean it isn't that easy?

It all began one February day when I realized I was very much ready to begin trying for a family. It was like a bus hit me. It was that strong of a feeling. So I worked up the courage to tell my wonderful hubby that I was ready if he was, and to my great delight, he was thinking the same thing. We made a plan to start our baby-making journey after my yearly appointment in March. And so we began...

After about 3 months of very timed, precise, and frequent tries in the baby-making department, I began to wonder if all those years ago we were lied to. If you remember, in High School they made getting pregnant sound as easy as standing in the same room as the opposite sex and looking at them sideways... that is all it took to get preggo.

They were wrong!

It has now been a year with no results. Thursday we had our first appointment with our IF Doctor and it went well. The ball is now rolling along and I already have baseline testing set for tomorrow. We are really excited about solving our great mystery, but I am completely nervous as to where this will lead. I told my hubby that I wanted to start a blog about because I didn't always want to have to vent to him. I am trying to save his sanity when mine went fleeing many years ago, as I am a Junior High Teacher.

So 1. Welcome and 2. Thank you for sharing in my story. I am hoping this will be a short stay in the IF world, and if not, I am sure I will meet some great people along the way.

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