Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The tale of Pre-E

Today was my appointment with the MFM specialist. The good news: I don't have Lupus. The bad news: Pre-eclampsia is what caused the demise of my pregnancy. For those of you who have known me throughout this process, you know that pre-e was my worst fear. It is in my family history, even though most Doctors will tell you that it is not hereditary. I lost my little girl to it. Pre-eclampsia causes a spike in blood pressure and can effect the placenta and fetus. In my case, it caused hypertension, growth restriction, lack of placental growth and ultimately, stillbirth. 

I also was diagnosed with hetero MTHFR today.  Basically, my body does not process folic acid well and it can cause some clotting issues. I was already being treated as if I had this before, so it won't be anything new to the routine for later. 

I think for the first time in a long time, I don't know what I want. We were told that I had at least a 20% chance of having pre-e again. He went as high as 50%. That is sitting on me pretty hard. There was also talk of how big of a risk it would be to me to develop pre-e again. It is life-threatening if it gets out of hand. From experience, I know it can go full-blown in a matter of a day, even hours. So what do I do with this information? When is the risk too great? Right now,  I just don't know.


Molly said...

Hi, im so sorry that pre-e was what caused your baby's death. On other hand, you do have an answer ! I know it's very serious, but right now Im actually reading a blog of one girl pg with triplets, that has it, but they are still managing to control it. i dont know if you feel like reading it right now, but perhaps that can give you a bit hope for the future...???

gringa78 said...

It has to be a mixed bag of emotions to finally have an answer...I just want you to know I think of you all the time. ((HUGS))

LilBear said...

I am so glad that you are starting to get some answers, and that Lupus is not among the things you have to worry about. I know it must be so hard trying to make a decision about the future, I know it will take time. You are in my thoughts.