Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day of Summer = Suckage

Ugh! I don't normally like to whine, but I really need to. Today has sucked like no other. It is my first day off of work and I had to wake up to take Tyler to get the truck worked on, so no sleeping in. Not a biggie, but eh. We got to the mechanic and what we thought would be a certain amount, went to about 3 times more than what we thought it was going to be. Not good news at 8am.

From there, we went to Tyler's work to pick up his co-worker and headed over to the Engineering Campus for Adobe Day. We were attending a 2 hr overview on the new CS5 suites. That went alright. Nothing too big, but I have to say, the content aware feature of Photoshop is some kind of Black-Magic Voodoo. So unbelievably amazing :)

Lunch was at Chipotle and we left with full tummies. Again nothing happened. And then it seemed to go down hill in a hurry. I studied up on my motorcycle test questions. Yes, you saw that correctly. I planned on getting my L class license today. As I got to the front of the line, I was told that I would have to take the road test as well, and that is not what I had been told before. So I ended up getting my motorcycle permit and I will take the road test later. I was so disappointed. I had big plans for that license. So yah. DMV = suck.

Got to my car and had a message from the mechanic. This is when we found out the cost had gone up even more, and had now doubled from even the new price from the morning. Major Suck!

Money leaving bank account faster than we can blink = Tyler in a bad mood = Lindsay getting really sad = just a bad day.

Topped it off with a sales guy coming by the house trying to sell alarm systems and not being happy when he left without a contract.

I am ready for tomorrow. I want a good day, damnit. A good day.

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