Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's in the Eyes

It has been quite hard lately, trying to be a "happy" person. My eyes tell the truth that my face won't though. I have sad eyes. Eyes of someone who feels incomplete and lost. Eyes of an old soul. Sad eyes. 

Someone had mentioned it to me before, but I didn't really think too much of it until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My god.. who is this person? What have I become? I see it in my husband. The other day I was thinking about how cute he was when he would rub my belly and look so proud, and now he doesn't look at me like that. I miss those rubs so much. I miss seeing the pride in his eyes when he looked at me and thought of our little family.

Now he looks at me with deep love, but the happiness is hidden down deep. He shares the pain and it shows in his eyes. To those who don't know, I don't think it would be noticable, but to those that do....what a difference... just how one day changes everything. 

But, we are making it. We are trying to live in a way that could make us happy and does in brief moments. We are mad about each other. Head over heels even and that is nice. It will be 15 years of being together next month, and for right now, that is enough for me.

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Mellow said...

Our eyes do tell our stories. I hope your smile and twinkle in your eyes returns soon...but until then I understand how you feel and see it in my husbands eyes as well. Cling to each other.