Sunday, December 7, 2008

Took the long way home

This week has been a test, that I am sure.

Tuesday after we got the fert report, things were going OK. I was pleasantly hopped up on some Darvocet and not feeling too bad. I got a call around 4:30 and it was my NP saying that we would be doing a 3 day transfer at 10:45 et on Thursday. I was upset because I thought it would be a 5 day with 7 embies doing well. My sister was on the other line and I got back to her and I was just crushed. So sad. My grandpa's funeral was at 9am ct and the hospital was 3 hours away. I would miss burying my Grandpa.

The next morning I took Tyler into the car shop to drop off the Jeep (yes it broke this week too) and as we got to his work, we got a phone call. I look down and see it is from the Lab. She tells me that we are ready for a 5 day transfer. All I could say was what?! I had already called my boss switching plans for being off and told my family I wouldn't make it to the funeral and now it was being switched?! It was bittersweet, and I was way confused. I told the lab director that the office had called me yesterday with Day 3 info. She said they shouldn't have called at all. They had to schedule it just in case, because it woule be too late the day before, but they are supposed to wait to call me. The lab director then said that I would get a call Thursday with the time.

I asked her if she could tell me how my embies were doing, and she said all 7 were progressing with little to no fragmentation and only one was behind, and just by one cell. She said they were doing very good. We were so happy to hear that.

The rest of that day I spent being careful with my belly and ovaries, and packed for the visitation and funeral. We left early afternoon and made the long trip to my birthplace. The visitation was so hard. It was nice to see everyone but so sad in such circumstances.

Thursday morning we buried my Grandfather and had a wonderful luncheon put on by the women of the parish. We then gathered at my Grandma's and spent time with each other. My mom was thrilled to be around me, even with why it was that we were together. Later that afternoon I realized that no one had called to tell me when the transfer would be. I called the office but was not allowed to talk to anyone due to an inept receptionist that had no idea what IVF was.... yah, just what I wanted to deal with.

Friday morning on my way back to work, I called and got ahold of my preferred NP and she had no idea that I was doing a 5 day transfer. I do most of my appointments at the contracted practice, so communication is not always the best between the main practice and mine. This was a perfect example. Nurse M called over to the lab and figured it all out and called me back. Through 3 voice mails, I learned that my tranfer had changed times twice and a different Dr would be doing the transfer.

Just one more thing not going right this week. Saturday we got to the hospital nice and early and had a pretty uneventful time. The woman in front of me had 43 eggs, so we were waiting for awhile for her to be completed. I felt sorry for the poor thing, knowing how sore she would be. My transfer went well. The new DR was cocky and confident, and I didn't mind it. Our blasts looked great in our pic and we could see what would hatch, what woud be the placenta and where the embryo was. Kind of crazy to see first hand.

The ride home was a mess. We had an ice storm move in, in the time we were in the hospital. 2 1/2 long hours later we were home safe and sound. Tyler was as frazzled as they get, but the proud Hubby got his famiy home and into bed.

I have been resting ever since. My brother and his wife came over last night to make us spaghetti and meatballs (divine!) and I just tried to lay as much as possible. Good things are happening now, I just need my angel to help me out on this one. Love you Grandpa.

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bella1021 said...

my goodness... that was quite the eventful past few days!!!

glad to hear that you still got to do the 5 day! grow grow grow!