Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maybe answers?

The week after our failure was a bad one. The Dr's office never called. We had only heard from our embryologist the day our embies died. I waited a week and then called. I didn't get a call back for 3 days. I finally reached my primary nurse, and I was just beyond myself. Really upset. We talked and I found out that she had no idea that the transfer had not taken place.

This was very upsetting. Communication was not happening between the lab and 2 offices. So I let her in on what happened. We had lost all 4 embies. The transfer did not take place. She let me know that they would have called to see why I hadn't taken the preggo test. Ugh!

I let her know that we did not want to wait until November to talk to Dr. J and she squeezed us in for the 22nd. SO now we wait... and I keep thinking of questions I want the answers to. Ty figured it out that it was less than a 1% chance of all 4 embies dying.... I want answers.

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