Wednesday, October 22, 2008

IVF #2 is on like Donkey Kong

Dr. J walked in to the room, and boy, that man just knows how to put you at ease. DH and I feel so comfortable with him, even under the circumstances. We let us know that he really couldn't figure out why our embryos didn't make it through the freeze/thaw. We thought this would be the case. Dr. J did indicate that he thought something might have not gone right at the lab, as much as he has every confidence in the world with the lab. He said our embryos are too good for this to be happening.

I asked him if we should worry about our embryos, if they were good enough? And he repeated again and again that they were very good. We felt better.

We then talked about what would be different this time. He wants to get past the 3-day mark and let them grow out to blast. So we will be doing a 5 day transfer and if we can, a 5 day thaw. We increased the FSH just a little and decreased the Lupron. Here is the schedule:

Now: BCP
10/25: Lupron starts
11/6: FSH begins (follistim and then bravelle/menopur)
Week of 11/17: ER
and 5 days later... ET

In good news, I expressed our disappointment in spending so much on cryopreservation all for nothing. He then let us know that he would like to do the next freeze for free. We were flabberghasted. I cried ad we both thanked him for his kindenss. It was definitely a light at the end of our tunnel today. This man is a good man, and he is doing everything he can to get us our baby. Wish us luck!


bella1021 said...

WOW- thats amazing!!!

Good luck!!

April said...

how nice! :)

thinking about you. april