Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And then there were none...

OK, so I will let you in on our dirty secret. I was supposed to do another transfer tomorrow using 2 of our frozen embryos. I have been taking meds for weeks and shots for days and we had a hotel reservation tonight near the hospital. We were more than ready to bring our embies home.

Today we received horrible news that none of our embryos made it through the thaw. At first, I thought just our 2 that were picked for tomorrow, but then the embryologist told me it was all 4. We have no more in reserve.

I am not sure how to put into words the amount of loss I feel right now. We had figured we would have 2 tries with our little frozen guys, but it isn't to be. They are gone. Ty canceled the hotel for tonight and right now we are ready to run away. I had taken off the next two days for bedrest, and right now they are going to be used for mental stability recovery.

I seriously think we will head for Canada. I need to be somewhere different; somewhere to take both of our minds off things. I will keep you posted. Thanks for checking in.

*Kriddy and V* We didn't tell anyone we were doing this, not even family. We just kind of want to keep it on the down-low. I am not sure when we will tell them we lost them all. Thanks for understanding. Love ya.

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bella1021 said...

I am sorry to hear this sad news :( I hope you guys can get away :(