Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Hour Trigger

Got the call this afternoon that we would be doing a 6:30pm trigger. We had plans to go to our local Happy Hour before heading out of town, which means we would be adding to our list of funny places to do shots.

The time comes and I have DH follow me into the women's bathroom with my makeshift cooler in my purse. We are getting ready to inject and the door handle starts to jiggle. We die laughing. DH even starts making noises, which was killing me. We finish up and I open the door. Funny thing is, we know the girl on the other side. I say Hi and move on. After I move, I hear "ohh!" when DH is framed in the door. :) Ha! Oh well, we were making a baby :)

Retrieval is Sunday morning!

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