Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tried again...failed again.

On the 3rd, we did FET #3. Out of five embryos frozen, only two made the thaw. Bad thaw results again. With much heaviness on our hearts, we transferred the two and we waited. I was queasy some so that made me feel good. Then on the 11th, I tested and it was negative..along with two more negatives the next two days and a neg blood test just to seal the deal. Now we are in Florida to spread our daughter's ashes. I honestly don't know if there is a better place for me than on the beach right now. So here we are again....6 transfers and only grief to show. Thank you for all of the support. I don't know where this leaves us but I know we will be breaking for a good while. Love to you all.



Anonymous said...

Ben and I are thinking of you and Tyler. I hope that you are able to find some peace while at the beach. We love you so much and can't wait to see you next week.
With all my love,

LilBear said...

:[ Oh Linds, when I read that you were in FL I was hoping that it was for a celebratory weekend, not for this. I'm so sorry that things didn't go your way yet again. I hope that your beach time is healing and that you guys come back after your break with renewed hope. I really feel for you. Please keep us posted.

Marisa said...

Lindsay, I'm so sorry. You and Tyler take good care of yourselves while on your break. I hope you find a renewed sense of hope. Much love to you. Marisa

Lara + Chris said...

I'm so sorry. That just sucks. :(

Mellow said...

I'm so sorry things didn't work out. I do understand what you are feeling, and it hurts. We tried again last month too, I got pregnant but lost the baby, we actually kept it ourselves so we didn't have to relive it over and over like when we lost our son. It's hard to imagine that we could possibly endure anymore, but somehow we do. Praying you find peace as you try to decide what to do next. Thinking of you.