Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FB Status Today

She would have been a month old today. Feeling the need to talk about her. Realizing that I am stronger than I think and losing Sophia does not have to define who I am. I will never stop missing her, but I can live better for her.


LilBear said...

You WILL live better for having her in your life, even if she was not with you for as long as she should have been. She has taught you that you can be strong through things that no one should have to endure, and that you have more love to give than you ever knew possible. You will heal, you will be whole again, but you will always be her Mama, and it's so wonderful that you can talk about her and remember her. Even though I never know what to say, I always want to hear about her. ((hugs))

Carrie said...

Just found your blog. Been reading it and crying. I am so sorry for what you have been going through. I've added you to follow your story. Hope you don't mind!

Lara + Chris said...

What a beautiful thought!!