Friday, August 1, 2008

Quite Possibly the Worst IVF Article in the World... Literally.

This comes from our frenemies: The Times of India from a said fertility expert:

Can't conceive? Stop arguing with hubby!

Struggling to conceive? Don't just opt for IVF. Instead drink less, avoid stressful working hours and simply stop arguing with your husband to boost your chances of having a baby, according to a fertlity expert.

"It is not so much that they (the women) are suffering from an inability to conceive, but an impatience to do so, set against a bleak backdrop in which almost everything else about their lifestyle has a negative impact.

"A lot of people drink as a way to relax, but studies have shown that alcohol directly impacts fertility. In women, it's thought to affect reproductive hormones, leading to an abnormal menstrual cycle," British fertility expert Zita West told the 'Daily Mail'. West and her colleagues have based their findings on an analysis of several patients who visited their clinic for
fertility treatment.

In fact, according to her, stress also acts as a barrier to reproduction - it can not only kill sex life of a couple but also affects a woman's fertility. "Women today work incredibly hard -they get up, they have breakfast on the run, they check their Blackberrys last thing at night and they fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted.

"The human body, remarkable as it is, is extremely complex and sensitive to factors such as stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to reproduction. And if you are having sex just once a week or once a month, conception is not necessarily going to be straightforward.

"Next thing, the couple are arguing, and bitter feelings and resentment provide another barrier to sex, which in turn affects conception. And all this may happen in a far shorter time frame than the average seven months it takes to conceive," West said.

So this means that if I don't drink any alcohol and we get along perfectly, I will automatically get preggo. Right. It fixes everything. Ugh! You know it is one thing to make those claims, but when you bring IVF into it.... it is personal, Bitches. Yes, I am a little worked up on this.... but come on folks, have some sense if you are going to publish this kind of nonsense.


LilBear said...

This article made me want to puke, for starters.

Hope you are hanging in there with the wait. We have tried to stay busy too, it's hard not to read something in to every little twinge in my body. Especially since I have swollen up like a balloon the past couple of days and I just feel...strange. I am hoping they will let me do my beta Friday instead of Monday because Monday is the first day of pre-planning and there are meetings scheduled all day.

I have to confess (this is why the internet is so great, I am not telling ANYONE in "real life") I caved this morning and POAS. I was NOT going to, I was going to just wait for the blood test. But I had a test left over from my optimistic days, and I thought what the heck. It has a VERY faint but definitely there second line. Dearest looked at it and was much more secure in its positive-ness than I am. Anyway, I know it could be the trigger still in there, and it could just be chemical that will be gone before the beta, but now every time my husband has smiled at me this morning I have burst into tears. I kinda wish I would not have tested so soon, I really don't want to add to the stack of potential disappointments.

Oh well. Anyway, thanks for letting me confess. I don't want to tell anyone around here lest they go off the deep end and start throwing baby showers or something.

Stay busy, Thursday will be here before you know it!

*Lindsay* said...

That is wonderful! I can't believe you tested already. You are way worse than me :)

I am 9dp3dt today and did not test. I am going to buy a digital to take Thursday morning. I feel symptoms, but I don't know if they are from the hormones or if I really am preggo.

This is so hard!

LilBear said...

You are a WAY stronger person than I am...I should have known--teaching 12 year olds? No way, Jose! That takes fortitude! Even though I POAS I have pretty much convinced myself that it was still the trigger in there. My poor husband doesn't know if he should be excited or what. I SWEAR I am not schizo like this in my normal life.

I go for the blood test Friday, we have decided that if it comes back + we will keep it to ourselves until the Monday confirmation.

Will the stressing ever end???