Saturday, March 26, 2011


Last year after everything had calmed a bit, my brother and sister in-law brought us a beautiful card and in it was a gift certificate to the local Nursery. We had talked about planting a tree in Sophia's memory and they wanted to help us do that. Tyler and I have gone back and forth with what kind of tree to get. We finally came to the decision that a Redbud would be best. It blooms early and has beautiful pink flowers. It really is a gorgeous tree.

Over the last year, we have struggled to agree on where we should plant the tree when we get it. Today, we went to the Nursery and picked out our tree. We went in thinking we would get a traditional redbud. When we were pointed in the direction, we saw that not only did they have many options, they had weeping redbuds.... how appropriate is that? So we went back and forth looking at all of them and then I read the tag to the weeping ones. They are called the Heartbreaker. Ummm yah..... that would be it. So in the end, we chose a perfectly shaped heartbreaker to hopefully plant next weekend. It really is gorgeous and I don't know if it could have a more appropriate name.

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Kristin (kekis) said...

LOVE it! What a beautiful tree for your beautiful daughter.