Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our 1st OB appointment!

Can I tell you how weird it was walking into a room of pregnant women and then slowly realizing that I was one of them!? We met with a Nurse for our Orientation and got all the details of making our way through OB. Packets, phone numbers.... it was like signing for a mortgage again... maybe a few less sheets of paper and signatures.

The Nurse we met with was very nice and it was reassuring coming from such a one-on-one atmosphere to a place where there are so many others like you. We are normal.... *sigh*! I went ahead and did my 1st 1 hour glucose test and will repeat it next week to see how I am doing without my Metformin.

Oh, and did I mention I am off all of my meds?!?! Well almost all of them. I am obviously still taking my pre-natal vitamin and then I am staying on my extra Folic Acid, which we changed from 4 pills down to one super pill :) So I go from 14 pills a day now down to 2, and 4 if I take Tylenol PM.

So that is what is going on for now. We go in Thursday for our NT scan and first NP appointment. Things are moving along!

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LilBear said...

So exciting, Linds! Are you guys going to find out the gender beforehand?