Thursday, February 26, 2009

Seek and Destroy

He came... he found... he conqured. My RE is a rockstar. His endo suspicions were valid and we got it all out. I am truly paying for it today and will be for a while, but I am so thankful that I had the lap for a reason.

With our past failures, the RE knew something had to be keeping our embies from sticking. They were too good to just not stick without reason.

Yesterday I had my lap and my RE found endo on my ovaries, uterus and bladder. I am not sure that stage the endo was in, but he got it all and I will find out more about the extent on Wednesday at our follow-up.

Honestly, I have not felt this hopeful since our first IVF. I feel like we are back in the game and my RE is very confident that the endo was the reason for our failures. The surgery went well but I am paying big time today. I think I slept about 95% of yesterday and it is looking to be more of the same today... but I have hope again.... and that makes it worth it.

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