Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flippin Fridays

We had a Teacher Institute day Friday and a nationally known speaker was in to talk to our District. He started his talk by talking about how many people die in surgery, even when it is a simple out-patient surgery. This had nothing to do with what he was there to speak about, but it was what was coming out of his mouth. He then moved on to talking about how many mothers and babies die during childbirth. And then... the big enchilada.... a couple he knew trying to have a child for several years...... and I bolted. I had to walk out of the auditorium full of colleagues. I couldn't take it anymore. Luckily I was able to come back in quite quickly... but it was still embarrassing.

Glad to be back in my Dh's arms with lots of love coming from him and my families. I am going to need a lot of support this week.

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