Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WTF appt for IVF #2

Today we saw our RE for our follow-up appt after our failed IVF #2. He, again, could not be more supportive or kind in his words. Today he had answers and a plan, which was good.

Dr. J told us about a study out of Stanford. 28 women all with 2 failed IVF cycles. Those 28 women underwent laparoscopies and after the procedure, 23 of the 28 women became pregnant. Most without the use of IVF. Now this wouldn't be the case for us with MFI, but the odds look good. Apparently there is a great correlation with any amount of endometriosis causing implantation to NOT take place.

I will now be having a lap procedure to see if this is the cause of all of our pain. The IVFs go well, our embryos are all-stars.... they just need to stick. My mouth fell open when he said the numbers. He was so excited to have this information and threw himself into the research. I am all for it if it means a better shot at being mommies and daddies. I am working on scheduling this and it is looking to be late February. Until then, I can sit back and relax.... get some snow skiing in dream of Florida beaches.

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