Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Today marks one year since our little girl passed away. I honestly have gotten through it ok, but not without some Zoloft, tons of support from family and friends and unending love from my husband. It is easy to sit here and think of everything that should be, but that doesn't change anything. Instead of giving in to our grief, we honored our daughter by planting a tree in her memory. It truly is beautiful. Strong, Straight. Small. Planted with love.

So today I say happy birthday, Sophie. You are loved more and more each day by so many people and you share your birthday with your Daddy, who is one of the strongest people on this Earth. We love you so much and think about you. every. single. day. Miss you and love you.

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Mellow said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl. We planted a tree for our son last's a beautiful tribute. I pray it grows strong.