Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Lunch on Friday

Friday at lunch in the Teacher's Lounge, the Pepsi man was asking us if we would like Sierra Mist in the machine and what we would like to get rid of. We said the Diet Pepsi Caffeine wasn't used much and would like the Sierra Mist better.

Holier than Art Thou Nurse W happened to be in the room and say that she drinks that and let everyone know that she intended to get rid of all caffeine in the soda machine. She said caffeine was horrible, especially for pregnant women. One of our subs, who is a retired teacher that I love, happened to be in the room and asked me if I was drinking caffeine, joking around. I had a sweet tea with extra ice from McDonald's, so I said yes.

The Nurse then proceeded to tell me how bad it was for me, and asked if I even had a Doctor. I said my Doctor said it was fine and I was not going to sit here and be judged for having some tea.

She left and came back about 5 minutes later with pages printed out from the Internet and told me I should read through them. I obviously didn't have my information correct and perhaps I should be more honest with my Doctor. I then informed her that I was under the care of an OB who happened to be a High-risk specialist and was under the care of an RE before that who were fine with some caffeine. She told me I should bring these sheets in to the Dr. to make sure they knew the problems with caffeine. I told her, NO, I would not be doing that and turned away from her.

This is the same lady who would send vomiting children back to my room when I sent them to her after telling her that I was pregnant and the flu shot and H1N1 shot was not in effect yet.... Needless to say my blood pressure rose very high and my face was still red 30 minutes later. Great lunch hour! :)

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