Saturday, October 17, 2009

All signs point to yes :)

Monday morning I woke early and went into the bathroom to test. It came back positive in less than 3 minutes. The feeling was absolutely amazing to be able to tell Tyler as he came up to me and tell him that I really am pregnant. The test said so :) I had to make sure it didn't have a "not" in front of the pregnant. I am still in shock. Beta #1 came in at 107.

Wednesday I went back for another blood test and things were a little different. My beta came back at 174. It didn't quite do what it needed to, but was close. They want me to come back in Monday just to make sure everything is OK. I have been getting sick daily since last Wednesday and my belly is all bloated from minor OHSS. I just can't believe that it worked. I can only hope for good things to come in the next weeks.

We are not announcing to friends or extended family until we hear a heartbeat and maybe even longer than that. If you know me in real life and see this, please keep it quiet. I want to be careful and make sure everything is good first. Thank you all so much for your good thoughts and prayers. Love you!


LilBear said...

Oh Linds, I am so so so so happy for you. I know you are trying not to get too crazy until you see a heartbeat (s) and I am with you on that, but for now, I will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Yippee!!!

gringa78 said...

Congratulations!!! Best of luck with your betas next week.