Sunday, August 23, 2009

WTF Appointment

The WTF was Wednesday. After our negative, the nurse called and said I could go on bcps to be ready for the next cycle if that is what we wanted to do. I knew there was no harm in going on them, so she sent in the script. Nurse L also did something very sweet. She moved our appointment up 2 weeks because she knew we had been here, done this, too many times and would be anxious to hear what Dr. J had to say.

Doc thinks the FET failed because of its nature. He said that had it worked, it would have been a bonus. I get that. We are going to stay with the same protocol as before and add in the Lovenox this time, like we did with the FET. I will be broken and bruised again but that man is so positive we will get this to work. I am working on meditating, which if you know me is a pretty funny task, and I am trying to get excited about our first fresh chance since getting rid of the endo in February. We will see. :)

IVF #3 is set for the end of September. It will be a crazy month, but we can only hope... its all we have left.

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LilBear said...

Oh, Linds, I just can't believe it. I am so sorry. Glad to hear you are doing another cycle... hang in there!