Monday, July 27, 2009

Scared out of my mind

I have been sick. Mucho sick. Dizzy and a horrendous headache since I started Estrace. It normally is not like this with the estrogen. Today my NP changed me over to patches and I start those tomorrow. I hope that will help.

In other words, I am scared to death of what Thursday will bring. Because we have blasts waiting for us, they won't thaw until we get there and then we will find out if they made it. All I can think about is our 4 embies dying last time. I could puke anytime I think about that. It is going to be a hard, hard day.

In other news, we are bringing home a baby of a different kind this week. Wednesday morning I pick up our new kitten. We haven't named her yet, but here is a sneak peak with her shelter picture.

Any encouragement or name ideas for the kitten would be much appreciated!

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mommaruth said...

I like the names Lola, Keely and Button - or maybe just Keely Button! That sounds cute :) Good luck (with naming the cat & everything else you have going on this week)!!!