Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's THAT weekend

Well Ladies, for some of us, we find ourselves here again where the world celebrates what we have not become. Mothers. I find this weekend to be very bitter-sweet. I love my Mom to pieces but I cannot buy a card for her. I lose it every time I enter a card store. So I took the easy way out, I sent flowers. I will call her today and wish her a Happy Mother's Day and then tomorrow I will hide from the world. No Tv, no stores, no radio..... just me and the DH working outside making our house beautiful.

Today my Hubby surprised me with a date night. I have been having anxiety attacks lately and he knew I was struggling to keep it together. He was so cute about everything. He took me to our local Vineyard, somewhere we have never been. It was absolutely delightful. We did a wine tasting and then got a couple of glasses of wine and some cheese and sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon. It was so nice just to talk. We talked about how I have been truly stressed to the max and how he wanted to help make me feel better. We talked about how I am terrified of scheduling the FET because of us losing the 4 embryos last time we tried. We just talked.... and talked some more.

After we finished our wine, we headed to Prairie Gardens, a garden center, to look for some stuff for the House. It was packed so we didn't spend much time there but we found some great tree ideas for the future.

Ko Fusion was the dinner choice for tonight. It is the local sushi joint and it is delish! We wrapped up the night with cupcakes and coffee at the cupcake cafe and then went to the movies and saw State of Play, which was really good.

It was a great night. We talked about what we wanted to. We snuggled and had lovey eyes :) Ty is just the best.

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bella1021 said...

Hugs.... Sounds like you had a fab weekend!! I wish we had a cupcake shop!!