Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Grandpa Passed Away Last Night

I just need to write to get it all out. I have been a mess as it is. Yesterday we got a call from my Mom, just checking in. She didn't talk a lot, but she finally let me know that her Dad had pnuemonia bad, but they were hoping it wouldn't be bad. We got off the phone and Ty and I went to get our Christmas tree. We got all of our lights up and the tree all decorated. Then last night we got a call from my brother. He talked to my DH and they were very hushed and stayed away from me. Tyler came back out and was very quiet. I thought they were talking about presents. He paused Tivo and told me that they didn't know if my Grandpa would make it through the night. Tyler wasn't suposed to tell me because my Mom didn't want me to be upset more than I had to be. T couldn't keep it from me.

I called my Mom right away and found out that she couldn't tell me. She is worried sick that I would cancel the procedure and not go through. She wanted me to not know before we were on our way to the ER. I told her she had to promise me that she would call when it happened. She did. I got the call I was dreading at 11pm.

My Grandpa was such a strong man for so long. He was a man's man. Very masculine and gruff. I was scared of him as a child, but loved him just the same. He had been in a nursing home for some time now with leg/circulation problems and his life had diminished greatly. I know he did not want to live like he was. I am so sad for my family but grateful that he won't suffer anymore.

Tomorrow we do the ER. I pray that this will be the good news we need. I need something to go right. I need someone watching over us, and I hope my Grandpa will be there. I now have 2 grandfathers in Heaven and I pray they take care of each other and me. Love you.


bella1021 said...

:( Sorry to hear about your grandpa....
Many prayers for tomorrow and the for this cycle!


vgrid said...

Sorry bout your grandpa.

hope everything goes well for you.