Thursday, May 22, 2008

IVF #1 ... Woa Nelly!

WoooHooo!!! Is all I can say about our RE appointment. Dr J is fabulous. He got right to the point and let us know that he knows with my job as a teacher, a summer IVF would be most beneficial, and here we are. I will start BCP June 11 and take 21 days worth. We will start Lupron around June 30th, FSH around July 11 and looking at a July 21st ER!

I can't believe this is happening! It has been hard waiting to find out what is going on, but we are here. Dr J seems upbeat about our chances and we are looking forward to working with him. He let us know that my PCOS shouldn't even be a minute issue, which is a relief. Now we just need to get preggo :)


michelle said...

Yay for getting your plan! It makes it seem like such a reality! Wishing you lots of luck!!!

*Lindsay* said...

Thanks. We are very excited to have a plan of action. I am so looking forward to what July will bring for us!

LilBear said...

I just have to tell you we are living parallel lives. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago, and it's really a little uncanny. My name is also Lindsay (same spelling), I am a teacher, I start Lupron for my first IVF cycle Thursday (7/3), and I also seem to CONSTANTLY be in the center of a preggo convention. I mean EVERYWHERE I go!!! Anyway, I was thinking about starting a blog of my own, if only you were from Florida too I could just pass yours off as mine and save myself the trouble! Good luck to you! I'll be following your progress.